GVO Customers LOVE Our Service - Find Out Why
Frank Rumbauskas
(New York Times best selling Author www.nevercoldcall.com)
James Cousineau
(Founder and Director of Business Growth Specialists Inc. )
Dedicated Server Owner with GVO Hosting Titanium Account, Elite Easy Video Producer, GVO Conference and GVO VIP.
Duane Spears
(Director of Your Bridge to a Brighter Future. Founder of www.duanespears.com and www.billiondollarcharityrun.com)
Janet Legere
(Author and List Building Expert, Founder of the Contact List Builder, www.contactlistbuilder.com; Founder of Earth Friendly Biz www.earthfriendlybiz.com)
Steve Gaghagen
(Internet and Network marketer living in gorgeous Big Bear Lake, California. Website: www.stevegaghagen.com)
Robert Blakely ~ The Blakester
(Owner The R and R Marketing
Website: www.TheBlakestersMadness.com)
Vic Bilson
Ned Rae
My name is Ned Rae, I am a professional network marketer, trainer, speaker and motivational coach. In the past I never thought about the differences between "Hosting" companies, until NOW!

I am a GVO Titanium member and I will tell you without a doubt there is more to a company than a mere hosting product. Global Virtual Opportunities, GVO is not only a hosting service, but also offers me the tools I needed to learn how to market on-line. Their support staff is relentless in offering top notch support period. So there is more to look for in just hosting, it's who stand behind it.

Thank you Joel Therien, Mike Potvin, Blake Cohoe, Aaron Moon and the entire staff at GVO for a superb product and service, you have a life long customer and business partner with me!!

Claire Poulton
The launch of GVO Conference has been a long time coming, hasn't it? For those of us who have been with Kiosk and Hot Conference since the beginning, it it just too exciting.

We have GREAT plans for the GVO Conference rooms that we have, and I know what we have planned will be an eye-opener for anyone who is promoting their business either online or offline will see the enormous potential of GVO Conference.

The move to San Antonio was a HUGE step for you and your families to take, but it has paid off for you and for each one of us who are members of GVO Hosting and GVO Conference.
Horst-Dieter Schipporeit
PREISFRAGE: Was spart Zeit, senkt Kosten, schützt Umwelt und Klima und ermöglicht ein monatliches Passiveinkommen? Die Antwort: GVO Conference!

James Buckle
You guy's got a great thing going with your products and hosting,very professional and a great opportunity to learn about marketing and getting all the tools needed with your system . To Your Success, James Buckle....AKA,Jimmy Buckle

Gary Cooper
Joel's operation is truely 1st class! Recommend to all.